Supported OS List

Supported Browser List

Mobile Devices

Additional Plugins and Browser Requirements

Wowza Media is used for optimal performance of the SIMULATIONiQ Enterprise application as a high-performance streaming media for on-demand streaming to computers and mobile devices.

Instruction to setup VLC for Mac to watch live video
  1. Download and install VLC application for Mac
  2. Open VLC application
  3. Select Preferences menu item under VLC menu
  4. Select Input/Codecs tab
  5. Click on Edit default application settings for network protocols button
  6. Select VLC from the dropdown box against RTSP protocol
  7. Click on Save button to save and close the popup window
  8. Click on Save button to save and close preferences dialog
Instruction to setup video player for iPad/iPhone to watch live video: Any of player can be downloaded.
  1. Install OmniPlayer app from AppStore
  2. Install Livestream app from AppStore
  3. Install VLC app from AppStore